Poetry Hour in the Creativity Room: Wild and Beautiful Soul

Poetry hour in the creativity room

Wild and Beautiful Soul

By Steve Roberts
Wild and beautiful
soul, a country
verdant and rich,
set free from that
little-death we call fear.

Rise then heroic heart,
though you walk through
a shadowy realm,
and move as the 
wind throws its whispers
and dance as the 
streams of light unfold.

Remember to be still
in the soft night of moonshine
embracing all those wonders
you have missed for
so long.

A lot can happen when
we begin the art of
losing ourselves
in the radiant 
glimpse of a
single eye, 

things like 
who we really are
when only one thing
truly remains.

Allow your little river
to meander its course
into a burning sunset.

You will glow and blush
at all the gentle sweepings
of grandeur til you finally
lie exhausted under the
shade of a tremendous 
mountain of awe.
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