Pure Essential Lavender Oil: How it Helps You Heal

pure essential lavender oil

All you have to do is catch the scent of pure essential lavender oil for a second, to feel both calm and uplifted. That unmistakable, sweet smell sends you into bliss, as well as a peaceful slumber if you use it before bed. Lavender isn’t just a pretty aroma though. In fact, it’s been used for centuries to purify the air, for bathing, cooking and healing wounds.

Science is now catching up with history, via a range of studies unearthing the versatile properties and incredible health benefits associated with lavender.

Studies on Pure Essential Lavender Oil


pure essential lavender oil


A growing number of scientific studies suggest that the antioxidant properties of lavender oil may help prevent oxidative stress. This is good news for reducing free radical damage to the body, which can be caused by eating too much sugar, not exercising enough, smoking, air pollutants, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption and high levels of stress.

While it’s easy to prove that pure essential lavender oil improves your mood – just by taking a whiff – studies show its effectiveness in relieving anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances. The magical purple flower has even starred in neurological studies, with positive results in improving cognitive impairment.

So, how should you use pure essential lavender oil?

How to Use Lavender Oil


pure essential lavender oil


If you just want to buy lavender essential oil to use as a perfume, you’ll be investing in your own relaxation, each and every day. It’s gentle enough to apply one or two drops directly to your skin, or add some to a carrier oil, like Jojoba or coconut. However, there are so many uses for it you could spend weeks adding fragrant drops to just about anything!

One of the most versatile options, is to add lavender oil to a spray bottle with water. Then, spray surfaces like bedding, pillows, mattresses, car seats and drawers till your heart’s content. Pop some in a diffuser for a non-toxic air freshener, add it to organic shea butter to make your own lip balm, rub it into your temples to banish a headache, sink into an aromatic lavender bath or make a lavender massage oil. When you want to manifest a new goal or meditate, use lavender oil to soothe your thoughts and elevate your vibration. 

Believe it or not, pure essential lavender oil belongs in the kitchen too, in very small doses. A drop or two of the edible delight can enhance the flavour of baked goods, salad dressings and even ice cream, so get creative and taste-test until you come up with your own lavender cooking creation. In terms of where to buy lavender oil, always ensure it’s organic and therapeutic grade, especially if you intend to use it on your skin or in recipes.

Do you have any creative uses for pure essential lavender oil? We’d love to know, in the comments below.

Author: Nicole Leigh West
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