7 Mindset Secrets of Successful People

successful people

Success might seem like an elusive concept at times, but the formula to kicking your goals isn’t really a secret. It’s all about cultivating certain skills, to achieve the right mindset. From climbing Mount Everest to owning your own business or learning how to stand up on a surfboard – it doesn’t matter what you’d like to be successful at, as long as you believe you can do it.

When you do, it’s easy to follow these tips, to stay on track towards fulfilling your dreams.

1. Successful People Are Proactive

Successful people always focus on solutions, regardless of problems thrown their way. They work to iron out their issues, before they get so bad that it’s hard to avoid negative emotional reactions. You can learn how to be proactive, by anticipating events based on the most likely outcome. The way to do this is be on top of information, skills, plans, checklists and maintenance.

For example, if you’re learning how to surf, you need to know about weather and surf conditions in advance, so you can anticipate if it’s a good time to go. If you just head to the beach without doing a little research, you might be wasting your time or, worse, find yourself in a dangerous situation in the waves. You can apply this situation to nearly anything, and act accordingly.

2. Successful People Ask Questions

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable asking questions, especially in the case of a new job or role, because we like to look like we know what we’re doing. To reach any kind of success, in any endeavour, it’s imperative to admit that you don’t know something, in order to figure it out.

Most employers or teachers love it when new staff or students ask questions, because it shows a proactive and responsible attitude. Try to lose your fear of speaking up and know that it will help to propel you forward.

3. Successful People Invite Challenges

It’s pretty hard to be successful at anything without a few challenges along the way. Think back to when you learnt to ride a bike. No doubt you fell into a few bushes and got some scars along the way. However ,the feeling of finally riding without falling off, was definitely worth the effort.

In fact, when a situation is challenging and you conquer it, you get to feel invigorated, confident and skilful. Each time you face a challenge, look at it like a match to spark the flame that will launch you into the successful outcome you’ve always dreamed of.

4. Successful People Build Endurance

successful people

If you read the biographies of successful people, you’ll notice they’ve faced seemingly insurmountable odds to get there. So, how did they do it? With persistence and endurance. They don’t give up when they experience a major setback, they don’t stop trying to work out problems and they don’t let unexpected events knock them of their path to success.

It’s often at the very beginning of any new journey that we’re hit with hard and fast challenges. That’s why it’s seems so much easier to just give up. In truth, persisting through the hard times means you’re putting the building blocks of success, right where they need to be.

5. Successful People Love To Take Risks

Whether you want to make a big splash on the international modelling scene or get a landscaping business up and running in your neighbourhood, there’ll be risks along the way. Successful people are willing to take gambles, if it means pushing themselves further.

They do this, because they’re not scared to face rejection or failure. That’s not to say they don’t feel uncomfortable during the process (they do), but they push on through, in order to reach greater heights. If you feel that taking a calculated risk might just put you on the path to success – jump right in and let the chips fall where they may. If it doesn’t work out, remember there’ll  be a valuable lesson to learn, for next time.

6. Successful People Speak with Actions

A lot of people talk about the big things they’re going to do, rather than actually doing them. Successful people tend to take action, long before anyone knows what they’re up to. That’s why there are so many ‘overnight success’ stories. Fame might arrive overnight, but success generally doesn’t.

Talking and focusing on your dreams is a wonderful tool towards achieving them, however your words have to result in actions, in order to get anywhere. Try writing down your goals in list form and making a point of ticking off actions you take towards them, every single day. This way, you’ll start to get your dreams out of your head – and into reality.

7. Successful People Take Opportunities

There’s no doubt about it, some opportunities can be downright scary. It’s easy to let fear get in the way and miss out on quicker ways to success. This may be because we don’t think we’re ready for it or we’re scared we might fail. To help change your mindset, remember that life is meant to be lived in the now, rather than waiting for a future, that doesn’t exist yet, to fall into your lap.

Opportunities might not come again, not in exactly the same way, so practice saying ‘Yes’ before doubt or insecurity creeps into your mind. You’ll know if something’s right for you, because you’ll feel immediate excitement – all you need to do is grasp it.

Everything changes, you’re never trapped and there’s always another way. Why not take the plunge right now, towards your own version of wild success?

Nicole Leigh West is the author of ‘The Gypsy Trail’ YA fiction novel, a Travel and Lifestyle writer,  Reiki Practitioner, Mentor and joyful creator of The Spiritual Room.


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