8 Steps to Communicate With Your Own Higher Intelligence

8 steps to communicate with your own higher intelligence

WARNING! For some readers this article will be off the top. Some will find the concepts here to esoteric. It is not my intent to disturb you … or maybe it is my intent but in a healthy manner.

What I describe in this post is a concept which each one of you can and should test for at least 30 days and make a judgment afterwards based on your own experiences.

It is therefore in alignment with what I’ve said before … don’t take the teachings of someone else (including me) for the ultimate truth. Dare to find out for yourself!

The Answers Are Already Within You

I truly believe that the answers you need to develop yourself are already within you. You just need to ask – and maybe Higher Intelligence will use external sources like books, people or the Internet to remind you of that knowledge, but it is your subconscious that will lead you to it.

However instead of hoping that your subconscious will someday lead you to an answer, there is a much more direct approach. You can simply ask for it. But you need to ask in the right state of mind to communicate with Higher Intelligence (you might call it God, Super-Conscious or whatever other name. I don’t mind since it has many and no name at all).

The Alpha-State – The Key To Your Higher Intelligence

The key to communicating with your higher intelligence is to get into the Alpha-state. It is the state of mind that is associated with daydreaming, meditation and deep prayer. I call it the Zone. It is here where you leave all the wrappings of false beliefs, etc. behind and re-connect with your real being. You will find below an easy way to get into the zone or the Alpha-State within minutes.

About Your Emotions

Another key is that you must align your emotions with your intent. While I want to elaborate on that in another post it is crucial right now to know, that whatever you feel while being in the zone, in meditation or in prayer is far more superior than the words you might use.

You see, when you say you want to solve a problem there is no power to it. But when you feel that you have already solved the problem you align your mind and your beliefs in the feeling.

Feel it has already happened. Feel the joy and peace while being in the zone. Feel the connection. Become sensitised to your feelings. Your feelings are the bridge to your Higher Powers.

About Visualization and Imagination

Whenever I mention the words visualization or imagination here don’t become irritated just because you think you don’t see pictures.

Do you know the color and shape of your car? When you can answer a question like that, you are able to visualize, because you can establish an internal representation of a remembered object. So visualization means remembering an object with one or more of your inner senses (not necessarily the visual).

What would your car look like if it was in … Pink? If your car isn’t already in pink (then pick another color) you are able to create an internal representation of an object that you don’t remember but you create. That is called imagination. You create a picture or other internal representation of an object that is new to you and therefore not remembered.

So with this foreword you are now prepared enough to get the method for creating contact with your Higher Intelligence through getting in the zone.

Overview Of The Process

You will learn to relax your body, then your mind. After that you will deepen your level so you get even deeper into the zone.

Once you are there you create a special place for you – a sanctuary. This should act as an anchor that will help you to establish the needed level of relaxation and focussing even faster. It will also enable you to establish different ressources you might need in your further development.

After you established your sanctuary you can invite inner experts or mentors that will help you to get the answer to your questions. These experts or mentors act as internal representation of you universal knowing. They are imaginations that will help you to access what is currently hidden within you. This might be needed information but also support for anything that you want to change in their area of expertise. I advise you to create several experts for the different areas of your life.

Step 1 –  Prepare your Place

For the first months I would really advise you to prepare a special place where you can make sure that while going to your zone, that no distractions will get you out of it.

How should such a place be:

  • No noise and other distractions: Try to make it as quiet as possible. I know that can sometimes be difficult. You might be in a room with other people. If possible get there agreement not to disturb you while you practice. Otherwise you might go for a time, where they are sleeping (that might be late at night or early in the morning), however you must make sure, that you aren’t to tired and sleepy yourself or you will just go to sleep during the exercise.
  • Clean:  A room that is just a mess is a great distraction for your mind. You don’t want to think about your room, so tidy it up, before practicing.
  • Comfortable and peaceful: You want your room to emanate a peaceful and harmonious vibration. There are several ways to do this: use candles or burn some incense. You can place photos or things that are spiritual or sacred for you there. I am not going into religion here but symbolic things can help you to get into the zone faster.If there has been any negative emotion in the room, let some air in, burn some incense or make anything that you feel would clean the atmosphere of the room. Listen to your own developing intuition for this. You can create a cleansing ritual for yourself.

Step 2 – Relax your body

The next step is to relax your body. Your body and your mind share a very deep connection, so whenever you relax one of them the other one will follow. Although later on you can get into contact with your higher intelligence while moving or even driving I would advise you to start with a very relaxed and comfy atmosphere .

Here is how to achieve that within just minutes:

  1. Close your eyes Closing your eyes will bring you to a natural Alpha-State within seconds.
  2. Take a deep, relaxing and slow breath. Use your diaphragm  for this. You can do this several times until you feel a certain relaxation.
  3. Know that every cell of your body knows what relaxation feels like. All you have to do is to focus you attention on a part of your body and tell it to relax. Tell it in a deep, soothing voice and make it remember the best relaxation it ever felt. You can remember a time where you felt deeply relaxed and good. For me that would be lying in a hot bath or in the sun under a giant tree. You can pick whatever you like. Then expect to feel the relaxation in that part of your body.I normally start with my head first and go down to my feet.The order would be: scalp – forehead – temples – eyes – nose – cheeks – mouth – jaw – back of head – neck & throat – spine – shoulder – arms and hands – chest – abdomen – sexual region – thighs – knees – lower legs – feet After having gone through your body in that complete order you might find out that you only need to relax some parts and the rest of the body will be relaxed immediately. For me this means relaxing the eyes, jaws, neck and sexual region. I then scan through my body to find out whether there is anything left that needs special attention. Because of this shortcut I now can relax my body in about 15 seconds. Remember – your body remembers what total relaxation feels like. So all that is needed is to remind him to remember!

Step 3 – Relax Your Mind

After your body feels calm and relaxed you should go for mental relaxation. This just means to get in a peaceful state, where nothing bothers you. Again you have been in such a state and all you have to do is to remember that. It hels to visualize and remember passive, tranquil scenes like walking along a beach or lying under a tree on a beautiful sommer day. Just indulge for a moment in those memories and you will be mentally relaxed soon.

Step 4 – Go Deeper

Now you have reached a basic relaxation level. Now it is time to go deeper. Again – your body and mind know what that feels like. You can just say „deeper“ every time you breath out. You can visualize being in an elevator or on an escalator going down. You can visualize floating in a sea (if you ever have been to the Dead Sea or have been in a floating tank you will remember. If not go there!). You might want to countdown from 10 to 1 or even 20 to 1 (to your liking) and combine it with the word „deeper“. Try some things and keep what works best for you.

Step 5 – Create a Special Place

I have found that one of the best things of all the methods I use is to create a special inner place for me, a sanctuary. That could be a room, that could be a house with many rooms (for special occasions) or even a great piece of land. I have created through several experiences not only a house for myself with lots of rooms, where I can be and meet my inner experts depending on my situation or mood, but I also added a wonderful garden, a lake and a mountain to my estate. I enjoy being a creator here and you should too. But start with building one place, where you feel so comfortable, strong, secure and at peace like never before. This is your place where you control everything. Decorate that place however you like and take your time to do so and feel comfortable. You can change it, whenever you like or think you can improve it. It can be a room or outdoor. My favorite meeting place is a great veranda, where I can overlook the garden and the mountain. This place will change with your progress in this kind of meditation.

Step 6 – Create an inner expert for the wanted knowledge

Now you might invite your experts. If you come with a question in your inner sanctuary, you can call an expert to step forward and visit you in your sanctuary. At first you might not see him clearly. So give him and yourself time to establish communication. Get a feel for him. Again learn to trust your feeling and intuition. Inside you know already how to do it.

Ask him the questions where you want him to help you find the answers. But don’t expect him to answer it immediately. Listen to him. Whatever comes to your mind – keep it for further approving. Maybe the answer will come immediately as a thought, maybe it will come some hours or days later.  But just expect him to know the answer that will be right for you at this time. Expect it, believe it and it will come. Define rules of communication

When you first meet your inner expert for a given area you want to install some rules of communication.

  1. You ask for his name: A name is an act of creation. With a name you define him as a persona. Through this name you can call him, whenever you want to.
  2. You ask how he wants to contact you:, this could be a sign, when he wants to give you important information. It could be a specific tingling in a part of your body, or a specific thought or whatever.

Step 7 – Come back

Now it is time to come back to the here and now. Say goodbye to your new found friend and decide to return. You can leave your sanctuary in any way you like. I walk through a specific door I designed in my mind that connects me with this world. I count up (remember counting down is for increasing the depth of a trance) from 1 to 5 repeating several times, that when I reach the count of 5 I will feel perfectly fine, perfectly healthy and will be wide awake. When I reach 5 I open my eyes and repeat the statement that I feel perfectly fine, healthy and that I am fully awake in the here and now.

Step 8 -Take notes

Now you had a lot of impressions and insights while being in the zone. The best thing you can do right now is to grap a pen and paper and jot them down before they drift away from your memory. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you will not forget them – you will, so capture the memory while it is still vivid in your mind.

My experience with this method.

I had a remarkable experience with this method that shattered my own believe of reality and time and space quite a bit.

I had some problems while meditating with keeping my focus. So I went into my sanctuary with the question to my inner expert in Mental Techniques. When I asked her about focussing she asked me some questions that I will continue to elaborate on in another post. After a while she gave me a very deep insight about what the nature of focus is and how to easily maintain it.

Just two days later I was watching a video presentation of Greg Braden, where he described some secret teachings he had found in an ancient monastery in Tibet. And one of the central teachings of an ancient monk that describes how the universe and the mind work (according to their findings) was described with the EXACT sentence that my inner teacher gave me just 2 days ago. My mouth dropped as I heard these words.

You see – we have access to the information already within us. There is no need to go to Tibet (you can of course if you want to) – because the answers are stored already within you.

As it is been said: Ask and ye shall receive. That is a literal truth as you might find out if you dare to ask!

by Patrick – Unwrap Your Mind


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