Breaking Habits

Breaking Habits

Some excellent advice once saved me from a chocolate addiction I struggled with in my early 20’s.  I am declaring chocolate neither good nor bad here, but the extent to which I was consuming it was definitely excessive, and hindering my health at the time.

I am excited to share this wisdom with anyone seeking it, as I have since found that it can work for any number of addictions.  The key lies in the common factor being something that every creature on the planet experiences: time.

In an interesting (and I believe unconsciously self-induced) state of hyperglycaemia, I found myself reaching for chocolate in excess of three times a day.  I was cautioned that if I ate a healthy substitute when my brain was screaming for chocolate, no matter how ‘content’ my body was with the healthier choice, my mind would fixate on the chocolate, leading to an overindulgence of many alternative decoy foods, until I finally gave in to, and satisfied the original craving.

The advice was to purchase said chocolate as soon as I craved it, hold onto it, and assure myself that I was indeed allowed this treat … but not for another 20 minutes.  If I was truly hungry, I would snack on something else healthy (such as fruit, nuts, hydrate my body with water etc), all the while reminding myself that I would indulge in my desired chocolate … in just 20 minutes, which I was sure to follow through on.

After a week or so of this, the time frame got moved back to a 45 minute delay.  The following week would be an hour away, and so on.

On numerous occasions throughout this process, I found myself forgetting about the chocolate for much longer than the required wait time, as my body was content with the healthy snack and my mind was placated with the absence of abstinence.

As time passed, I completely painlessly, simply ran out of time to fit in that much chocolate in my day.  One bar at a time, I found myself consuming chocolate less than daily.  Simultaneous to the weaning itself, I was introducing much healthier forms of sugar, sustenance and nutrients into my day, thus drastically decreasing the desire for junk food in the first place.

So if you are trying to curb a habit that no longer serves your higher self, whether food based or otherwise, I encourage you to try this gentle yet effective technique, and please, share your experiences with us – raise the vibration!

Yours in health,

Adrienne Megan Lester

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    Nice article! This will help many people break their bad habits.

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