Lentil Recipe

Lentil Recipe



Part of the legume family, lentils are edible seeds that are vast in their health benefits, versatile in recipes and are also an economical, easy way to increase the protein and nutrient content of your diet!

Lentils are low in fat and low in Cholesterol.  They are high in dietary fibre; iron; B1; B2; and B3.

Lentils are also a rich source of incomplete protein.  When served with other incomplete proteins of the right variety (such as a grain – rice for example), lentils can make for a tasty, healthy vegetarian dish.

Below is one of my favourite recipes for brown lentils, from a fabulously informative, easy to follow book called Turn Over A New Leaf, by Di Skelly Heron & Graeme Heron – enjoy!


Brown Lentils with Garlic & Tomatoes


4 Cups of Cooked Brown Lentils
6 Tomatoes – Sliced
10 Beads of Garlic – Crushed
2 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tsp of Organic Celtic Salt
½ Lemon Squeezed


Place all ingredients into a large saucepan and cook for 15 minutes.

When cooled, the mixture can be frozen for use in soups, pasties and burgers.

Serve with steamed Broccoli and Brown Rice as a main course.

***For extra protein and creamy taste, add 2 tbsp Ground Almonds (Almond Meal)


Author: Adrienne Megan Lester


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