Powerful Affirmations To Stop Worry In Its Tracks

Powerful affirmations to stop worry in its tracks

Powerful Affirmations To Stop Worry In Its Tracks

by Nicole Leigh West.

Ah, worry. That tiny little word  that creates so much havoc in your day, your month, your year and even your whole life. How much energy do you invest in the habit of worry? Does it seep in during random quiet times throughout your day, polluting your peace with its incessant chatter? Does it take you out of the present moment and into an imagined future filled with hardship, illness, accidents or even death? Worry is a habit…and one that’s worth becoming aware of in order to put a leash on it. Control it. Learn to say ‘No’ to it.

We all know chronic worriers –  you may even be one – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Worry often comes from being nurturing, sensitive and caring. When you really consider the act of worrying though, you quickly come to the understanding that it is completely, utterly and irreversibly redundant. Worry won’t solve your problems. Worry won’t make things better. Worry won’t help someone else. In fact, spreading your worry is similar to throwing a match into the bush and watching fire engulf everything in its path.

When you are actually in danger, on the wrong path or in the midst of a crisis, worry doesn’t even make an appearance. Fear might. Sadness shows up. Anger could rear its head. But not worry. Worry is firmly rooted in illusion, in what might happen, in what should’ve, could’ve, would’ve happened.

Because it is only a figment of your imagination, you can banish worry by using your imagination differently.

Train yourself to become aware of the symptoms of worry. They’re really quite similar to the symptoms of illness. You may be frowning, sweating, nauseous, shaky, certainly unhappy and most definitely concerned. The second you notice the physical state your worried thoughts have put you in, is the second you can work some magic. Find a magic wand, or a crystal or a sage stick if it helps, but all you really need, is words.

Beautiful, calming, loving words, stated out loud or in your mind, will direct your thoughts towards more positive thoughts. They act as an eraser, eliminating the worry and replacing it with hope, love, peace and safety.

Try these affirmations on for size, find the best fit and incorporate them into your daily thought patterns, whenever worry builds momentum. That way, rather than feeling like you’re running down hill with a pack of wolves chasing you, you can turn around, stare them in the eye and make friends with your fears.

Powerful affirmations to stop worry in its tracks

I am safe and well in the world.

I have a wonderful family.

I am strong and able to get through anything.

I love my life.

Everything is transient. This too, will change.

Everything I look at is juicy and abundant.

Right now, I step into the flow.

Every second of my life is precious.

I am beautiful.

I am lucky.

I am abundance.

Every path is leading me towards the right path.

I give and receive love to and from the entire universe.

Everything I look at changes, when I change my attitude.

I have choices.

I am Freedom.

I am Love.

Nicole Leigh West is the author of ‘The Gypsy Trail’ YA fiction novel, a Travel and Lifestyle writer,  Reiki Practitioner, Mentor and joyful Creator of The Spiritual Room.

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