Rising in Vibration and Consciousness…A New Space

Rising in Vibration and Consciousness...A New Space

Rising in Vibration and Consciousness…A New Space

By Kara Schallock

May 2014

Generally speaking, we have risen so high in consciousness, there is no returning to old life. This is the higher Truth. When we do dip back into old life, it is so uncomfortable and alien, we can’t wait to get back to where we really are and that is being fully in the New. Any time you re-turn for a visit to the old by feeling victimized (judged, criticized, etc.) by others, you lower your vibration and thus your consciousness. Any time you complain about anything, you return to the old and lower yourself. And likewise, every time you are in Appreciation and Gratitude, you raise your vibration and further anchor the New. I have witnessed this in folks who otherwise vibrate high. I wonder if they feel their descent when engaging in the lower energies. I want to say that complaining is an addiction and whenever you complain or judge or criticize you anchor duality in you and create more to complain, judge or criticize about. Whenever you appreciate, you magnetize more to be appreciative of. It’s simple, isn’t it?

There is a schism that continues to grow wider between the old and New. We still have choice and when we empower the New, we experience more of it. When we descend to the old, we keep it active. So I ask you, what do you choose to empower? Love, Unity, Compassion, Understanding, Abundance, Appreciation or duality in all its lower thought forms? We are the ones who have chosen to raise the vibration of Earth and all Her lifeforms. As we focus on being our highest vibration, we do just that. When we lower our vibration and consciousness, we keep the old in place.

We are so powerful now that nothing can stop our progress, except ourselves. There are no outside influences because the huge tsunami of Grace has carried us more powerfully into the New…as long as we Heart-know it is so. Any doubt or fear or any lower energy delays the progress. Whatever we choose adds power to that choice and this goes into Earth to either bring Her further into Ascension or delay the process.

Do not be concerned with what others are doing or not doing; let no-thing or no-one dissuade you from the task at hand. As you focus on your own journey, you do so much to bring the higher energies onto Earth. No-one or no-thing can hold you back. You alone, being the ascending master you are, are responsible for yourself and your own evolution. Many of us have completed our karma and others are continuing to do so. Where you place your intention and attention will tell you more about where you are than anyone else can. As you look at your life, you will know exactly where you are in your Ascension journey. The best way you can help others is by keeping your vibration high and this translates into being positive. Focusing on Love (not rescuing, protecting or saving others, which actually is based on a judgment) is the way to shine your Light and create a wave of Grace for others to ride. Encourage others by being a role model.

When you look through the eyes of 3D duality, you may decide that terrible things are occurring and yet, holding this view locks you into that same duality and takes you away from your higher path. Every time you judge something as terrible or sad or “of the dark,” you empower it. It is true…Love creates more Love; war creates more war. If you truly know with all your being that everything is in Divine Order, you would understand that there is a higher purpose for everything; even and especially when you don’t understand it. In actuality, there is more and more Light present in you and on Earth. The Light absorbs the “dark” when it is empowered. And it is empowered by your Heart-knowing of the Truth.

There is a beautiful web of Love/Light that has been created through the internet, travel and meditation, which empowers more Love and Unity throughout the Earth. In this way, the New Earth Grid is being empowered by all who have awakened and know that they are Love. If you could see it as the beings of Light not in body do, it would look like a beautiful, glistening, interconnected web of twinkling Light. Through travel, both physical and spiritual, we weave this web and connect new leylines and open new portals. It is indeed quite beautiful…and exciting.

Another way to keep your vibration high and thus bring more Light to others is by doing work that makes your Heart sing. Many are questioning whether their work is truly meaningful. Many long to be of more Divine Service. Of course, you know that it is not the form of the work that matters; it is the essence of who you are that you bring into every area of your life that matters. When you are in Joy and Ease, your vibration rises. When you are not, your vibration lowers. Being fully engaged in whatever you do ignites the Joy and Passion within you. Much is shifting in the area of work. You will be guided in Divine Time and Divine Order and the form will shift to match your consciousness. If, however, you still carry lack consciousness, you will create from that consciousness. The truth is that you are infinitely Abundant. The Universe offers itself to you on a silver platter, if you would choose to see it.

If we could view April as a kind of Gateway, we would see that it took us more deeply into our Souls; our Authentic Selves. While we are still releasing, downloading and anchoring, the energy of May is much different. It feels slower and more supportive. And slow is good because we can see things more clearly, thus our Awareness is keener. When we feel bombarded, as we did in April, it is difficult to get a grasp on what’s happening. Still, we are integrating all that Eclipse energy and we feel it in the form of disrupted sleep, exhaustion, headaches, tummy issues, feeling lost and/or confused and some have experienced huge life events such as a marriage dissolution, physical death or disease and lots of emotional release. If you are experiencing any of the above, please know it is for your highest evolution and rather than judge it; know that it is taking you higher in vibration…it is clearing out the old, so that more Love may pour into you as a golden elixer.

We have truly gone through very big frequency shifts and it is absolutely essential that we love ourselves, take breaks and care for ourselves as much as we care for others. Being in Nature is one powerful way to do this, as is Sun-gazing and Earthing and being near or in water. By giving to ourselves first, we allow the space for the high-intensity and powerful high-dimensional energies to more gracefully integrate into our cells and DNA. Rest, eat light, meditate and ask what your body would like and then follow its guidance. And deep breathe, visualizing Love permeating every atom of your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

And when you are calm and centered, you will notice that you have entered yet another space; that of great Peace, Love and Abundance. Know this and notice it. This space is the New. Releasing will be easier, for you are being carried by the Grace and Love of your Soul; of Source. Rejoice in all that you’ve accomplished, which is huge. Disengage from any distraction that takes you out of the New. You are Love. You are Abundance. You are Peace. You are Light. You are Divine, for you are Source. Rejoice your Magnificence.

Kara Schallock

Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.http://www.soulsticerising.com

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