How Do You Stay Motivated When You’re Uninspired?

How Do You Stay Motivated When You're Uninspired?

By Nicole Leigh West

How do you stay motivated when you’re uninspired?

Motivation can be a tricky, transient thing, can’t it? How much does your mood affect your ability to stay motivated? I think it’s nearly 100% responsible. If you’re in a grumpy mood, you’re unlikely to want to do anything but eat chocolate or drink wine. If you’re in a lazy mood, your bed looks too inviting and if you’re in an angry mood you might just pace back and forth ranting in your head without actually doing anything useful with the anger.

So, the first thing I usually look at, if I’m feeling unmotivated, is my mood. Sometimes, we can be in a ‘mood’ without even realising it. Something as simple as being hungry or needing to exercise can trigger emotions that turn into moods, if left unchecked. The trick is to realise that most moods are entirely created by your own thoughts…meaning you’re leading yourself down your own path of non-motivation.

You need to create a rather large stop sign on that path – it can be traditional red and white if you like, or by all means decorate it in your mind with glitter and gemstones – just as long as it tells you to turn around and go back towards inspiration and motivation.

On your journey back, take a look at what thoughts created the mood. If they have something to do with another person or event, spend some quiet moments trying to pinpoint the emotions evoked and understand that although you may feel whatever you feel, you don’t have to keep carrying them forward with you. Leave them on the path, along with the thoughts about them and start a new adventure with brand new thoughts.

There are so many ways to step back up towards motivation, I can’t possibly mention them all here, but it helps to start off small. Look at pictures of your favourite holiday destination, go for a swim or a walk in nature, listen to some music you love, make yourself something delicious to eat or chat to a fabulous friend on the phone.

Before you know it, motivation will creep back in like an old friend and surprise you with a burst of inspiration to keep you going!

Nicole Leigh West is the author of ‘The Gypsy Trail’ YA fiction novel, a Travel and Lifestyle writer,  Reiki Practitioner, Mentor and joyful creator of The Spiritual Room.

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