The Top Documentaries For Conscious Evolution

The Top Documentaries For Conscious Evolution

The Top Documentaries For Conscious Evolution

Sometimes, the smallest piece of information is enough to raise our awareness, about ourselves and the world around us. If you turn off the TV and do your own research, you’ll find a wealth of stimulating, thought-provoking and inspiring movies, interviews and documentaries to spark your own discoveries.

We’ve spent too long sitting back and absorbing information aimed at promoting commercialism, greed, fear and the destruction of our planet…for the benefit of the wealthiest few.  The world is waking up and it’s time we all participated in the changes needed on earth.

Question everything. Stop supporting giant, environment-killing companies by purchasing their products. Give up your addiction to mass media. Let go of your beliefs in society and media driven ideas of beauty, wealth and happiness. Know that each and every one of us deserves equal treatment, equal standing, equal rights and respect. Know that the planet you live on requires your help to retain her gifts, before they’re irreversibly plundered in the name of money.

And know that you’re not at the mercy of all the things you might complain about in a day – its existence and continuation is simply a story and the ending isn’t yet written. You have the power to create your own happy ending and to contribute to the world at large.

Here are some insightful, entertaining and mind-expanding sources, to further your exploration.

To fire up your inner earth warrior / goddess to save the planet:


To open your eyes:


A series of beautifully filmed documentaries of actors speaking for the earth:

Nature Is Speaking

To explore an enlightening path:


Watch hundreds of interviews with fascinating people, by Lilou Mace. Here’s one to rewire your brain to use the Law of Attraction:

Lilou Mace / Dr. Joe Dispenza

To listen to interviews of awakening people, from all walks of life:


Interesting food for thought:


Learn how we are one with the Universe:

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds


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