Understanding the Ego


The Ego

For many, the ego is the undisputable ruler of their world – to the point they don’t realise the ego is what’s ruling them. By ego, we are not referring to ‘egotistical’ behaviour, as in someone bragging about their new Ferrari, but to the inability to go within and access knowledge from the higher self.

The way to recognise if you’re operating via ego is very simple. Ego wants to push, shove, fight, manipulate, be right all the time, prove itself. It doesn’t really understand the term ‘go with the flow’. We need it of course, it is a part of us and one to be embraced. Occasionally we need its all mighty power. But it needs to be on a leash so we can take it for a walk when we want to, not because it controls us.

There is, of course, a key to unlocking the higher self so you can put your ego on a leash. The key is, simply, silence. Silence of the mind. Gaps in thinking must be created for your higher self to step in and overrule it. Your higher self wants to! It is, after all, you, and wants only the best for you.

But, it’s your job to take your ego to school first, to learn some manners…

Here’s a beautiful quote from Seth – via Jane Roberts

‘Man’s ego causes him to interpret everything else in light of himself. He loses much in this manner. The ego can be compared to the bark of a tree. The bark is flexible, vibrant, and grows with the growth beneath. It is a tree’s contact with the outer world, the tree’s interpreter and, to some degree, the tree’s companion. So should man’s ego be.’  ‘Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness’.


Nicole Leigh West


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